Macron accuses Macron of “talking nonsense” about soybeans

On Tuesday, the French president recommended increasing soybean production in Europe rather than importing it to Brazil, which “must be in line with (our) environmental aspirations”.

The new crisis between Jair Bolsanaro and Emmanuel Macron? The Brazilian president on Thursday accused his French opponent of “nonsense” that Europe’s reliance on Brazilian soybeans “supports the deforestation of the Amazon”.

“By the love of God, Mr. Macron, do not buy Brazilian soybeans because you do not deforest the Amazon. Buy soybeans in France,” Bolzano said directly on social media in his weekly communications.

“You do not know your country”

“Stop talking nonsense, Macron, you do not know your country, you continue to say your opinion about Brazil,” the far-right president added, adding that there have been many conflicts with Macron over environmental policies since he came to power in 2019.

On Tuesday, the French president recommended that soybean production in Europe be “in line with our (environmental) aspirations”.

“When we import soybeans produced by forced marching in the deforested forests of Brazil, we do not agree with us,” Macron said in a video with a message on Twitter.

Macron “knows nothing about soybean production in Brazil”

The report already received a response to Macron from Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mara on Wednesday.

“Mr. Macron knows nothing about soybean production in Brazil. Our soybean production is done in Cerrado (Savannah region south of the Amazon, author’s note) or in the south of the country. Agricultural production in the Amazon is very low,” said Hamilton Maraw.

“Macron has expressed the protectionist interests of French peasants, and nothing more, it is part of a political game,” he added, believing that the French president’s speech was addressed to an “internal public”.

In 2019, after criticism from the French president about the increase in fires on the Amazon, Bolzano engaged in heated discussions with Macron on social networks.

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