From Australia to Giron, she spent a horrible prison sentence!

From Australia to Giron, she spent a horrible prison sentence!

Karima Olmi returned to the street almost without insurance, without an air ticket.

An interest in discoveries and human encounters, the Globrotter was not afraid of strangers, but her Australian experience marked her. After a job in Japan and entering Vietnam, he went on a road trip from Perth to the island continent with a friend in late February 2020. Disconnected from the world, they crossed the deserts and forests to Adelaide, where they had to go shopping. People saw an enormous movement of panic in the shops as they emptied the shelves, and felt the gravity of the epidemic. They “Trace“They returned the van they had rented to Melbourne. The friend was able to catch a plane home, but Karima did not do so. She had to collect all of her clothes and personal belongings. But the first flight was canceled and not refunded, so he had to buy two air tickets to go there.

3 hour walk to the airport

There is no longer a flight from Brisbane, but there may be from Sydney. Karima found a bus to go there after several trips to the company. The young woman wandered around for a long time in search of a hotel in Sydney. There, he is treated like a plague victim because he came from France and the virus is so strong, however he left it for three months.

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