Argentina: Official Legal Abortion -

Argentina: Official Legal Abortion –

In Argentina, abortion is now officially legal, approved by Parliament on Thursday, January 14, President Alberto Fernandez on December 30.

The largest country in Latin America …

The French press reported that its application would go into effect in the official press on Friday, January 15, eight days after the law was published. TheArgentina, With a population of 45 million, is the largest countryLatin America To recognizeAbortion, Unconditional, up to 14 weeks pregnant. So far TheAbortion Only allowed Uruguay, In Cuba, Cooperative Republic Guyana, In the city Mexico And the Mexican StateOaxaca.

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“A Better and Equal Community”

“Today we have a better and more equal society”The president said Alberto Fernandez When signing the order declaring the law. “This is a big step towards equal rights, it gives women the opportunity to make decisions.”, He continued. According to the center-left leader, this is the culmination of a struggle “That’s why everyone who has fought for so many yearsAbortion It is no longer a crime, it forces people to go underground and expose themselves to the dangers of doing so. “.

This speech on a subject that deeply divides public opinion was voted on by Argentine senators on December 30 by 38 votes, 29 and one vote, 2 years after the first attempt failed.

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