Alas: A crow is missing from the Tower of London!

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“If the crows in the Tower of London get lost or fly away, the crown will fall, and so will Britain.”

Between Tower Bridge and the city, the Tower of London is one of the most important tourist and historical sites in the British capital. Construction began in 1066 by Norman conquerors, and the fort gained its main tower in 1078 on the orders of William the Conqueror. In turn, the Tower of London has undergone many changes in its history, whether palace, royal residence, military garrison, prison, arsenal or even a museum.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, it now features crown jewels and is seen passing by millions of tourists each year (well… of course outside the Kovit period). The Yuman Warders, Or Bees, Build the body of the guards responsible for protecting the premises. In practice, they mainly play the role of guide for tourists. One of them, the master of crows, occupies a very special place.

Crows and their symbolism

The London area is naturally infested with black birds. If the urbanization of the area reduces their presence, the presence of animal and human carcasses locked in the fort favors their installation around the site. During the reign of Charles II, John Flamsteed, a royal astronomer working from the highest tower of the castle, complains about their existence. It will interfere with his work. The king orders the migratory birds to be killed in the neighborhood, but his advisers rejected this decision and put forward a prophecy that their existence would be a condition for maintaining the kingdom. He abandoned his decision and on 22 June 1675 ordered the construction of the Royal Laboratory at Greenwich.

In fact, the Tower of London has long known the absence of crows, but following the tradition from the end of World War II to the letter, Winston Churchill asked for six crows to live there. Eight crows are currently half-free inside the building, guarded by Crows Master Christopher Skyf.

Yes, but now, for several weeks, Merlina, the female crows that have existed since 2007, is thought to be dead. Crows fly regularly, but usually return in the evening. Christopher Skype describes Merlina as a bird. “ Free soul », She was also highly respected by her peers. The Tower of London estate now has only seven crows, however ravenmaster Eighth from a breeding program in Sofolk, hopes to soon replace Merlina.

There are no more crows in it.

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