McCauley-Kalkin backs the petition to remove the Trump cameo saying ‘Mom, I missed the flight again’.

Donald Trump the new victim of the cancellation culture? McCauley Kalkin, the unforgettable star of the movie “Mom, I Missed the Plane”, responded positively on Twitter, aiming to launch a petition to make the appearance of the current president of the United States disappear. This is the second part of the movie rights.

The ban he imposed on Twitter – by deleting his personal account – is now in effect (which now leads to some controversy over the legitimacy of such a decision by a private company), so the debate continues with an unexpected bias. When a Twitter user proposed a petition to digitally transform Trump with 40-year-old McCauley Kalkin in the film “Mom I Missed the Plane”, the “former star, now 40 years old, casually responded,” “sold out.”

He then commented with “Bravo” on another tweet, in which Trump was replaced with blank space. This discussion marks Donald Trump’s brief appearance as “Mom, I missed Flight 2 again”. Kevin, very young in skin, got lost in the lobby of the Plaza Hotel, none other than Trump at the time, asking the owner for directions. The latter asked director Chris Columbus to appear in the film in exchange for being able to film at the hotel. In an interview with Insider Media in December 2020, Chris Columbus returned to the story: “When we first screened it, something different happened: the screen that people praised when Trump appeared. So I said to my distributor, “Leave this in the movie. This is a moment for the audience.”

If we know the number of appearances or references to Trump in American works, the hunt for a future former president promises to be long overdue.

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