Time for snow on the streets of Madrid

The path of Plomina storm through Madrid Left numerous pictures of citizens Enjoying the snow. But now, due to the severe cold weather, it turns to snow, With temperatures reaching 15 degrees below zero.

Going out on the street has become a dangerous act Before a possible fall. This asomcarium causada Meteorological event Many people wonder how long You will have to live with snow on the streets of the Spanish capital.

Frost resistance

In appearance, Wet snow fell on Thursday. Then, Powdered snow fell on Fridays and Saturdays. So, when that happens The legs sank while walking, But this is also one of the explanations for the frost resistance on the tracks, explained meteorologist Jose Miguel Vinas. In newspaper reports ABC : “Storm Plomina Has brought a great deal of snow, Half a meter thick in many places. “

About the ice age, One of the determining factors is where the sun shines, In addition to work Workers and neighbors Destroy the streets: “In Madrid, I would not be surprised if you are in the shadow of buildings Large hailstones will accumulate in two or three weeks. “, Says Vinas.

Avalanche formation

According to the expert, The situation in Madrid could help explain how avalanches form. In the Spanish capital the same amount of snow falls for a long time, but at other times the rain may be different Different layers of ice shape. Thus, the most unstable may slip Leading to avalanches.

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