The Vatican in Australia is said to have exchanged: incorrect numbers

The Vatican in Australia is said to have exchanged: incorrect numbers

The Australian Financial Monitoring Committee, which has said that மாற்ற 1.4 billion has been transferred over the past six years, acknowledges the miscalculation: உண்மையில் 6 million is actually “a number that may be responsible for some contractual obligations and the normal management of its resources,” says Holy See.

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The matter of the biggest financial transfers that left Holy See for Australia has been clarified. This is not 1. 1.4 billion with 47,000 financial transactions in the last six years, but மில்லியன் 6 million for 362 transactions. TheAustralian Center for Transaction Reports and Analysis (AUSTRAC), the Australian Financial Regulatory Authority, has in fact published a report on the Australian newspaper’s website acknowledging that it greatly overestimated the flow of these transfers. “System coding error can lead to poor calculation”, Writes AUSTRAC, which actually includes the transactions made with Italy in these figures.

In recent weeks, Astrock, in response to a parliamentary question from Australian Senator Conceita Ferrari-Wells, said that from 2014 to 2020, $ 1.4 billion (a $ 3.3 billion) was shipped from the Vatican to Australia for a total of 47,000 personal transfers. Since it is completely incompatible with the movements of the Holy See, a large number that immediately seemed unrealistic in terms of the amount of money and the number of transactions.

Holy See, in conjunction with ASIF, the Vatican’s financial monitoring and reporting authority, demanded that Astrak’s checks reduce the amount: over the past six years, the total number of transfers made by Vatican-affiliated companies during this period was $ 9.5 million, or about $ 6 million.

“Holy See, the verification results it requested were carried out jointly by ASIF and AUSTRAC and a significant discrepancy reported by an Australian newspaper today is in line with previously published data. Financial transactions by the Vatican in Australia between 2014 and 2020: $ 9.5 million against $ 2.3 billion.”, Refers to a note distributed on January 13 by the Press Room of the Holy See.

“This figure is due, among other things, to some contractual obligations and the normal management of its resources. In this case, Holy See reaffirms its respect for the country’s companies and expresses satisfaction with the cooperation between the companies involved.” This clarifies the point.

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