“Can Trump sue the judiciary? There is no better way to punish the president.”

"Poursuivre Trump judiciairement? Il existe une meilleure façon de sanctionner le président"

One week after Trump supporters attacked Capitol Hill, Democrats are determined to hold the president accountable. Believing that the millionaire had incited his supporters to revolt, they filed an indictment against him this Monday to launch a second indictment. The vote in the House of Representatives will take place this Wednesday, where the debate began in broad daylight. Even among Republicans, if voices are in favor of the head of state being prosecuted for Capitol’s events, others believe this choice is not very fair. This is the situation of James Comey, the former director of the FBI who was fired by the current White House tenant. He expressed his concern about the consequences of this affair in an interview with NBC. “It is in the best interest of the country not to pursue criminal charges against the president,” he said. “I do not think it is in the national interest for Donald Trump to be on our television screens every day for the next three or four years.”

As for Comey, it’s an insult to Joe Biden, who will take office on January 20. “It’s not going to help him heal the nation, it’s not going to help us convince millions of Americans who have been deceived and are still trapped in a cloud of lies, it’s not going to help our unity, people,” he continued on NBC. The adventurer of the series (The Comey Rule) goes even further. This is it, for some. About the greatest punishment he could have imagined. ”

However, he emphasized the need to punish all those involved in the attack on the Capitol. “They need to realize the power of the rule of law. They need to see that we are a nation that does not condone attacks on our democracy,” he concluded, targeting the US president.

The desire to draw a line for Trump’s presidency, as James Comey describes in his latest book, Preserves justice. He advises Joe Biden not to take legal action against the current White House tenant to allow the real estate mogul to be permanently erased from their memory by Americans.

However, this argument was dismissed by many American personalities, especially a Comment published by CNN, Those who believe Trump’s influence in society is “not going away overnight.”

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