Video. Four countries in the heat of global warming are Australia, Russia, Lebanon and Italy

Video.  Four countries in the heat of global warming are Australia, Russia, Lebanon and Italy
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Five years after the Paris climate deal, the situation continues to worsen. Greenhouse gas emissions broke records again last year. Extreme weather events, floods, and wildfires continued to rise and warmed the November 2020 record. This week, we are taking you to all four corners of the planet to see if this warming is being observed everywhere. Direction Australia, Russia, Lebanon and Italy.

In Australia, November 2020 is the hottest month on record. But on the other hand, throughout the year, it was a little colder overall, and after all, it rained a lot, more than in previous years. However, things continue to heat up in the Pacific Ocean. The Great Barrier Reef was the main victim. So far, the Australian government has shown very little ambition to control its carbon footprint.

In Russia, November 2020 was the hottest on the record. There are chain effects in plants and animals, especially in Siberia. Awakening at this time was a rule reserved for arctic animals, especially the polar bears whose lives were disrupted. As temperatures rose, in fact, with the onset of winter, sea ice formed less rapidly and especially to a lesser extent.

In Liban, High temperature makes a symbol victim, country symbol: cedar. At one time majestic trees covered most of the mountains of the country. But centuries later, only a dozen thousand years old specimens and only a few forests are preserved today. Cedars are protected from recording, but not from global warming. The killer is an insect that once lived deep underground, but has come to the surface again due to rising temperatures in recent years, which is actually swallowing up this national treasure.

And Italy, Who is preparing to head COP 26 with the United Kingdom in 2021, Extreme weather events are on the rise and the country is not ready to face them. Bridges are crumbling, landslides are washing away roads and houses. According to the Italian Environmental League, this has been getting worse over the past decade. Problem prevention. In Italy, it costs six times less to repair than to repair.

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