Code - Abroad - There are health workers who walk 22 kilometers to work

Code – Abroad – There are health workers who walk 22 kilometers to work

The Index It also said that Hurricane Plomina in Spain, which covered Madrid with 60 centimeters of snow, caused major problems. The airport was closed, but the train and cargo and cargo were also closed.

As public transportation is not yet fully operational, many health workers travel on foot to and from work to transfer their colleagues, and access to the roads is a barrier to administering Govt vaccines.

The situation has been reported on social media by several health workers.

In a Twitter video, two sisters, Baco and Menica, announced a 22-kilometer half-marathon walk, while Bass also announced a Noor 20-kilometer Nordic walking leg.

Many similar stories followed in Spain and the country Minister of Health, Home Salvador also expressed its gratitude on Twitter For their commitment to health workers.

Spanish officials promise to restore traffic in the country as soon as possible, while the police will help deliver priority personnel and cargo.


In some places the snow is up to sixty centimeters high.

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