Australia: Attacked by a shark, a diver pictures their fight

Australia: Attacked by a shark, a diver pictures their fight

While diving in Australian waters, a person was attacked by a hammer shark. He finally did it … thanks to his GoPro!

This is the day he will remember for a long time! On Thursday, November 26, Diane Creek was on a voyage in the Australian state of Queensland. Had decided to go by Australian boat Macbeth Reef, Princess Charlotte Bay, fishing for crab. Diane Creek plunged into the water when she was suddenly confronted by a hammer shark. Then the shark rushed towards him.

“I was going to adjust my camera when I saw a shark appear from the corner of my eye”, He said 9 News. Diane Creek told the media that she had attacked the hunter several times with her cobra before the last animal ran away. “I pushed him the first time, but he came back at me. I hit him a second time and left him a third time.” Fortunately for Diane Creek, The Shark The one who hits him is small, less than two meters, while the largest can reach six meters.


A recreational diver encounters a frightening intimate encounter with a hammer shark off the far north Queensland coast. Diane Creek dived for free with his family when he saw the 6-foot hunt. # 9 News | 5.30pm to weekend night

Posted by 9 News Far North Queensland Sunday, November 29, 2020

After successfully chasing the animal, the diver reappeared and found it harmless. “I was the only one in the water, there were only two people in the boat, Did he announce?. Come to think of it, I was actually very lucky, but it didn’t bother me at the time. ” There is no hatred against the Australians Shark The one who hits him, indicates that next time he will be very careful. “I don’t want to be a statistician, so next time I have to be more careful and take safety precautions, and have another diver in the water.” Before concluding with a joke: “I’m going to buy myself a lottery ticket next week!”

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