The Puerto Rican unions are rejecting the financial adjustment plan

The Puerto Rican unions are rejecting the financial adjustment plan

January 10, 2021, 11:30 p.m.SAN JUAN, Jan. 10 (Prensa Latin) About 18 unions representing thousands of Puerto Rican workers today staged a caravan in Puerto Rico against an adjustment plan the Financial Supervision Board (JSF) wants to impose.

“Demanding that the proposed cut in retirement pensions be left without any effect would rob them of up to 15 per cent of their declining income and condemn the greater risk than they already enjoy,” the protesters said.

Leading members to protect pensions and create another treaty (COA) campaign traveled from the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Pietro to the Capitol in Puerto de Diera in old San Juan. A well-deserved rest.

Similarly, spokespersons of the struggle said that we demand the approval and protection of the law for a decent pension before all events.

Representatives of government employees, public companies and private companies are on the streets to warn the public about the dangers and negative consequences of the financial adjustment plan.

They vehemently condemned the board’s move to go before a court headed by federal judge Laura Taylor Swine to repeal legislation that recognizes the right to reclaim rights unjustly deprived of working people through a set of laws known as labor reform.

They warned that the Puerto Rican labor movement was wary of the actions of its elected officials, against those who violated their rights, and for the public good of our people.

“This is a moment of definition. It needs to be very clear who will respond to the interests of Puerto Rico and who will respond to the interests of the users who seek to make a millionaire profit at the expense of the suffering of our people,” they said.

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Organizations participating in the struggle included the University of Puerto Rican University Professors Association (APPU), Central Puerto Rican Workers, Democracy, Solidarity, Change, Militancy and the Trade Union (Academic) Academics.

In addition, the Central Confederation of Labor, the Puerto Rican Teachers ‘Federation, the Puerto Rican Workers’ Federation, the Brotherhood of Non-Teacher Exemption Workers, the Solidarity Union Movement, the Prosol Utier, the Puerto Rican Workers ‘Union and the Electrical Industrial Workers’ Union and the Irrigation (Utier), among others.

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