For companies, costs must be offset

For companies, costs must be offset

Thibaut Servet, who is responsible for customer loyalty to Gilliant, an American company that specializes in business, has benefited from the benefits of teleworking since the first day he was hired, in 2016, before generalizing homework for health reasons. Most of his colleagues are in the United States, but ten of them work in France, all from home.

E Testimonial. How To Do Your Home Delivery

The result of a negotiation during his recruitment, compensation of several tens of thousands of euros is paid to him every month and appears in his salary. “I am a tenant, Dipat explains. The amount of support is calculated at my rental rate, up to 10 m2. “ This amount will never change, one day, he had to move.

Internet and telephone subscription

At his home, in the small town of Grace next to Montpellier, Thibaut settles into his living room every day. He is the father of two children, ages 6 and 8 “go out” When they come home from school. His company takes care of all of his internet subscriptions and phone subscriptions, beyond a portion of the rent. Recently, he bought a phone headset and office chair. Before that, he had a big computer screen of his own. “For these purchases, I make advance payments and then return my expense statement with supporting documents, Dipat explains. My business trusts me. This requires discussion with the relevant departments. “

At Gilliant, the same policy applies to all employees: “Spend it like your own money.” “ Thus, a few months ago, when Thibaut wanted to equip himself up and down with a removable table, he did not dare to send it to a cost statement, “Not only can it be abused, but it can be kept, especially later”. Quietly, whatever the company takes, it may want to recover. “So this table will be mine”, He mentions.

Ursaf suggested

The protection of costs associated with delivery is subject to Ursaf’s recommendations. “It is a good idea to resolve all questions regarding work equipment, liability and costs before starting delivery”, Refers to the organization on its website. “If the delivery is carried out regularly, the employer will cover the costs directly incurred by this work, especially those related to communications.”

The recently published paper gives additional details: A flat-rate payment of one dollar per day is provided for delivery (€ 20 for two days a week, € 30 for three days, etc.). These payments are exempt from contributions. On the other hand, if the amount paid by the employer is higher than this flat rate, the employee must accurately justify the reality of his professional expenses in order to benefit from the deduction from social fees.

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