The Australian anthem was changed to better represent the country’s anthem

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It is time to recognize “Australia as one and free”, and Scott Morrison as “young and free” Published paper The Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday, December 31st.

So far, the Australian National Anthem Advance Australia Exhibition has started as follows:

All Australians will enjoy

We are young and free

Written by Peter Dots McCormick in 1878, the text became the national anthem in 1984, replacing the famous “God Save the Queen”.

Since then, many controversies have arisen around the lyrics of this song. In 2015, artist Deborah Sitam refused to sing at the Advance Australia Exhibition in the AFL Final. The artist was first Discounts To change these words: “Because we are young and free” “in peace and unity”, but his proposal was rejected by the AFL.

Since then, many Indigenous athletes have refused to sing the anthem, and last November, New South Wales Minister Gladys Periglian also promised to replace the Australian national anthem. .

Why are these words an issue?

If we mention the arrival of the Europeans in 1788, Australia is certainly a “young” country, but this unfortunately means neglecting the whole of history. Prior to colonization, the country was inhabited by indigenous peoples who settled in the area for at least 50,000 years.

By removing the verb “young” from the national anthem, Australia is taking it one step further by recognizing and incorporating aborigines into the best national stories.

Scott Morrison A D’Layers Ajaut: Young ‘Changing’ young and free ‘to’ one and free ‘doesn’t take anything, but I hope it adds more “.

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