Facing Trump, Schwarzenegger pulls out Conan Barbarian's sword

Facing Trump, Schwarzenegger pulls out Conan Barbarian’s sword

According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the situation is serious. Conan the Sword of the Barbarian movie to brand him.

In a video posted on Twitter, the actor and former Republican governor of California addressed pro-Trump activists who attacked the capital last Wednesday. He drew the sword in the parallel hand to American democracy: “The more you create a sword, the stronger it becomes. Our nation was created by crises. If you hit it hard, it will get stronger. “

Jerome Momsilovic: “Schwarzenegger anti-Trump”

The actor and politician recalled where he was born and what history has taught him:

“I was born in Austria in 1947. I know what a Crystal Knotch was against the Jews in 1938, the Nazi equivalent of the Proud Boys.

“Trump tried an attempt”

Arnold Schwarzenegger also referred to ordinary people around him: “They were not all Nazis, but they left little by little.”

Apparently, former California Governor Donald Trump did not leave: “President Trump sought to hijack the results of a fair election. He made an attempt by guiding the steps of some by lies. Just as my father and our neighbors were led by lies. I know where these lies are going. “

Arnold Schwarzenegger concludes by giving his support to newly elected President Joe Biden: “It does not matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, recover from what has just happened. I urge you to join me in telling President-elect Joe Biden that you want to win. If you win, our nation wins. “

Pro-Trump telegram: “Revolution is going on! Patriots get Congress back! “

This is not the first time Arnold Schwarzenegger has attacked Donald Trump. In March 2017, the actor teased the Republican president in a video:

“Oh, Donald, the ratings are here. You’re going downhill.” Wow. You are in your thirties. But what did you expect? That is, when you carry post – school programs for children and hot food service for the poor, you do not call it ‘making America better again’. Wake up! I mean, who advises you? “

What is he referring to? Of course for the elections of Donald Trump.

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