League of Legends: The Wild Rift Open beta is coming to the US in a few months

League of Legends: The Wild Rift Open beta is coming to the US in a few months

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After the open beta period in Asia, Europe and Africa, League of Legends Wild Rift It will eventually reach North America as it has been found in other regions. Specific, Riot Game has revealed that this version of the popular Moba will arrive on mobile devices in March this year.

So far, it is not clear on what day the March and League of Legends Wild Rift Open beta will arrive on iOS and Android devices, it is not known in which countries it will be available, however it is possible. He will only talk about things like America. Canada and Mexico Time. Considering that this topic is already available in other regions, Riot Game plans to add two new champions each month throughout 2021.. Similarly, new events will be scattered throughout the year starting with the Lunar New Year event in February. Finally, the qualifying period will begin this week in a few areas.

League of Legends Wild Rift has been announced as the mobile and console version of the beloved PC Moba. However, So far only iOS and Android versions are found in operation. The riot game has not yet been specified on which consoles this topic will come, or when. We hope to receive more information on this subject in the future.


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