Rogue-Light free space in the epic game store

Rogue-Light free space in the epic game store

After the December harvest, when we received a game for free each day, the condition of the epic game store returned to normal, so we waited again for the weekly games to be distributed.

Last time, By the end of 2020, we saw the Jurassic World Evolution Strategy from Frontier Developments, so if you like dinosaurs, you should be excited. Anyway, the week has passed like water, which means the offer changes again, this time looking at the place.

If you think about the popular indie game FDL after looking at the sample below, it is certainly not a coincidence that the creators of Alt Shift and Crying Suns tried to create a certain combination of FDL, Doon and Foundation.

In practice, this means that we are dealing with a cosmic rogue-light work here, where you will explore a practically created world that can face more than 300 story events, which you will find in a dramatic story series consisting of six chapters, behind the wrecked galaxy after 700 years of prosperity You will uncover the truth.

However, during your flight, you will not avoid enemies, fights with them will take place in tactical battles.

You can add a game to the library Here.

It is possible to implement the title in the next seven days January 14 Again there will be a change. Look forward to Star Wars Battlefront II in the celebratory version this time around.

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