The glory and fall of Aaron Hernandez, the American football star and murderer who died in prison

The glory and fall of Aaron Hernandez, the American football star and murderer who died in prison

Aaron Hernandez is 27 years old.

This is a tradition in the United States. Every year the champions of a great sport are invited to show up with the president. The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl on Wednesday, February 19, so there was a meeting at the White House. Aaron Hernandez was not there. The 27-year-old American footballer had the talent to be a part of this team. But just hours before his ex-teammates handed Donald Trump a dull jersey in his name, he was hanged in his cell at the High Security Prison near Boston, the home of the Patriots. “An American tragedy is now over” Written USA Today To comment on the story of a man who took “One wrong turn after another”.

Mr Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison in 2013 for plotting to assassinate Odin Lloyd. Used for corruption in American football, the most popular sport in the country. O.J. From Simpson’s hypermedia investigation, he has been prosecuted for the murder of his ex – wife and a friend, and star quarterback Michael Wick has been convicted of arranging dog fights, filming Baltimore hitting his girlfriend until player Ray Rice is suspended, there is no shortage of dark news.

The story of Aaron Hernandez is at the top of this long list. A talented athlete, the young man from Connecticut in the northeastern United States joined the University of Florida in 2007. He shines there, winning the 2008 University Championship. But the student, who has been involved in violent behavior since he was a teenager when his father was involved in a fight at a restaurant, is one of those questioned after the shooting and is being punished for consuming prohibited items.

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One million 41 million deal

These incidents affect his rating before he came into professional football. It was not selected until 113e Level during “draft”, recruitment process for NFL (National Football League) teams. He still co-ordinates the New England Patriots, one of the best teams in the league. Here again, his performances attract attention. New England reached the Super Bowl in 2012 and the 22-year-old was awarded a five-year, $ 41 million contract with wide shoulders and tattooed arms.

He did not enjoy his new status for long. In late June 2013, Hernandez was arrested by police. He is suspected of killing one of his cousins, Odin Lloyd, whose body was mutilated nine days ago. The Patriots immediately terminate his contract.

The affair created the “front page” of all the newspapers in the country. The personality of the player who appears with a smile and pride at his trial is annoying. His “Indifference” The fate of his friend refers to the jurors who speak on CNN. Video surveillance camera footage led to his life sentence for first-degree murder in 2015. For the media and American fans, the fate of Aaron Hernandez is a big mess.

Last Friday, Hernandez was acquitted in another case since 2012. He is accused of shooting two people near a nightclub and one of the victims accidentally spilled a drink on him. At the announcement of the verdict, the man who had given the image of a tough man for so long could not bear a few tears. Cameras capture him kissing his 4-year-old daughter in court.

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Within a week, at 3 a.m., a prison guard found a sheet of paper tied around his neck in his cell, with a re-tied window. 3 John 3:16 His forehead is engraved with a red marker, and a Bible is opened in this passage next to his body. Aaron Hernandez was pronounced dead at the hospital an hour later. His relatives and officials say there is nothing to suggest suicidal behavior.

Jokes about his death on Twitter

They are too little to regret about its fate. On Twitter, jokes presented by the police as suicidal follow each other. A message summarizes his life: “Professional at 20 years old. Multi-millionaire at 22 years old. Murdered at the age of 25. Died 27 years old. The choices we make will have consequences. “

Stephen A. of Pierre Menace of American Sports. Smith did not report on ESPN “No Mercy”. On the competing channel Fox Sports 1, former footballer Shannon Sharp has become a consultant, wanting to live in the star’s environment. “When you reach the status of a professional athlete, a lot of people give up their old lives. Aaron Hernandez could not “, Comments the former Denver player. “She is not a thug. He was a real gang member and it was part of him. It’s like playing in the National Football League for the New England Patriots. “

He asked Associated Press, The friend of the man killed by Hernandez puts forward his theory: “I hope the crime finally stuck with him.”.

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