Dexter: Discovered the villain of the series Season 9

Dexter: Discovered the villain of the series Season 9

Season 9 of “Dexter” hires Clancy Brown as the series’ villain, whose arrival is expected next fall on the American channel Showtime.

Clancy Brown plays Kurt Caldwell, an influential man from the small town of Iron Lake. He made his American dream come true, going from a simple truck driver – just like his father – to a businessman in the title of a fleet of trucks. Kurt is a powerful man who is admired for his generosity. But he can be threatening and dangerous to those who consider him his adversary.

Clancy Brown, best known for her role as Velan “Jack” Zebcode in Billions, has starred in several cult films, including The Highlander, in which she plays the role of the terrifying Gurgaon or Captain Hadley in The Escapes. He is also the voice of Mr. Cropps’ character in the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants.

Dexter Season 9 was produced by the American channel Showtime last October, and was directed by Michael C. Hall sees Dexter Morgan reconsider his role as a serial killer working for the Miami Police, whose murders followed a code. It only hit criminals in particular.

The start of this season 9 is scheduled for the fall of 2021.

All the news of the series can be found here

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