Details of the day: Vaccine accelerates | 500 refugees evacuated | America holds its breath

Details of the day: Vaccine accelerates |  500 refugees evacuated |  America holds its breath

About 500 refugees were evacuated overnight after a gas leak in Mousekran.

With 500 refugees expelled, the United States has its breath away, Antwerp’s new coach, toward vaccination acceleration: part of the news was created on Tuesday.

1Photos | The smell of gas in the mouse: 500 refugees were evacuated overnight

The refugees were warned at 4 p.m. “The psychosocial intervention program was triggered,” said Brigitte Abert, who arrived at the scene at night.

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2Belgium wants to speed up vaccination

After a “cautious start”, Health Minister Frank Vandenbrook announces that the vaccination campaign will be accelerated next week.

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3Vercatron to take Antwerp to heights

Following the standard, the Brussels player began a five-month contract with the Great Old Company. He will not take the group right now.

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4Brussels attacks: 10 accused are being deported

The Brussels Council Room has decided to deport ten of the thirteen people charged in the March 22, 2016 attacks case. The last three were dismissed.

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5Georgia and the United States hold their breath in the election

In the United States, the people of Georgia are going to the polls for a dual senator election on Tuesday, which will have a decisive impact on the first years of power of the new democratic president.

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6Elevated: Maintaining code red after January session

“It is well known that the current protocol (red code) should be extended after the January exam session,” the Minister of Higher Education in the Wallonia-Brussels Alliance pointed out.

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