Cape Verde agrees to hand over Alex Chap to US # 4Dec

Cape Verde agrees to hand over Alex Chap to US # 4Dec

This Monday night, the news broke about the decision of the Cape Verde government to accept the extradition of a man before Nicolas Maduro to the United States, which is demanding a country money laundering.

The information came from a statement from the Colombian businessman’s own lawyers, who said the decision by the African nation was a further blow to ECOWAS.

“This decision is a direct challenge to the order of the Ecovass tribunal dated December 3, 2020, to suspend extradition proceedings against Special Envoy Alex Chab until the main hearing on February 4. Abuja, ”the statement said.

A panel of lawyers, led by former Spanish judge Baldacar Carson, has tried at least six times to prevent Saab from being extradited through cases filed in the Cape Verde courts, he says, adding that the decision of the Court of Appeal was “not surprising” as the Cape Verdean court refused to formally refute the arguments presented by the Special Envoy’s defense and violate the law. It only follows the series results.

Alex Chopin’s lawyers will appeal to the Supreme Court to challenge the “injustice of today’s decision in a strong way.”

“We will not give up any education nationally or internationally until Alex Chop is released,” the statement said.

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