Australia: Scientists mobilize to save Platypus

Australia: Scientists mobilize to save Platypus

“The New South Wales government hopes this will alleviate the country’s drought. In fact, dams will be the final blow to these rivers and platypus formations,” he explains. [les dirigeants reconnaissent que] The waterways belong to endangered species and it will be very difficult to get approval for these projects. ”

Avoiding deletion

Platypus is a worldwide favorite Australian icon. Moreover, as James Tracy, an environmental policy analyst at the Australian Conservation Trust, points out, it is of particular importance to some indigenous peoples. This species is one of the totem animals or spiritual symbols of the Wadi Wadi people, but for many years no specimen was found in their territory.

To save these iconic creatures from extinction, researchers and conservationists such as photographer Doug Kimsey have called on the Australian government and several states across the country to recognize the platypus as a “dangerous creature”. In Last November, The Scientific Advisory Committee for the State of Victoria recommended accepting this request. Species Is already on the endangered species list In South Australia.

The nationwide classification of platypus should increase the Australian government’s surveillance efforts for this ambiguous mammal. Authorities should take these animals into account when considering large development projects such as dam construction.

Scientists want to see more thoughtful river regulations, less land clearing for agricultural purposes (which contributes to river erosion) and restrictions on rivers. Murray Crab Traps (to catch crustaceans, which often catch platypus).

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