Australia changes its national anthem to recognize indigenous peoples

Australia changes its national anthem to recognize indigenous peoples

Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared the second line of the Advance Australia Red Anthem, “We are young and free” instead of “we are free together”.

A change “Do not carry anything“, But who”Really addsAccording to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the subject of the speech. The Australian government has changed One word The National Anthem, Thursday, December 31, to better recognize the role, culture and history of the tribal people in the country. The second sentence of the Advance Australia Exhibition (“Fair and Fair Australia”), “We are young and independent“Thus changing”We are free to be together“.

Australia, as a modern nation, is relatively young, but our country’s history is as ancient as the stories of the first country, and we recognize and respect its spirit.“, He wrote in The Age newspaper on New Year’s Day.

The Conservative leader did not announce it until Thursday evening, a few hours before the New Year. According to official statistics, Australia’s colonial past, with its large inequalities, is still on the brink of a country where tribal children are more than twice as likely to die before the age of five.

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