American company Mondales buys low-processed chocolate brand Hu

American company Mondales buys low-processed chocolate brand Hu

Acquired a company called Monteles Who in America, which processes chocolates and cakes as low as possible. Montessori had already taken a stake in the company in 2019.

The US agribusiness firm Monteles on Tuesday announced its acquisition of the New York-based Huawei, which offers chocolates and snacks that are processed as little as possible.

The parent company of Milkha and Dobliron Chocolates, Lu and Oreo Cakes and Tang Drinks expresses the demand of some consumers for products that are considered healthy and natural.

The size of the transaction was not disclosed, but accordingly The Wall Street Journal, He estimates Hu is about 40 340 million.

Wagon chocolates, gluten free and GMO free

Founded in 2012, the company offers vegan, gluten-free, GMO, refined sugars, soy lecithin or emulsifying chocolates. They believe it meets the criteria for those on a paleo diet, which invites people to eat like prehistoric men with natural, unprocessed foods. Hu also serves grainless cookies.

All three co-founders started the company because “we felt we had to trust and understand every ingredient in our diet,” one of them, Jason Corp, said in the statement.

He added that by joining Montண்டlle, which had already participated in the company in 2019, Hu could take advantage of the multinationals’ “resources, strengths and progressive vision” of expansion.

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