The militants are polishing their weapons against the United States

The militants are polishing their weapons against the United States

Report – Pro-Iranian Shiite groups want revenge for the deaths of Cholaimani and Mohandas, who were killed by a US strike a year ago.

In Baghdad and Basra

A paper lamp dimly illuminates a large banner in front of an ordinary building in al-Mashraq, a poor suburb of Basra. Above, the faces of men in military exhaustion stand proudly. With the exception of Jawad Ruheef Bule al-Taraji, they all belong to the past. Gaddafi, known for his close ties to Syria, Iraq and its allies, sits in the living room of his commander, surrounded by his sons, members of the Al-Mundassar Brigade, a subcommittee of al-Shouda militants. ‘Iran.

In the room decorated with his photos, heavy weapons in hand, the man shouts: “I hate America, I want to blow myself up in their land!” In the battle against Dash, Jawad, 59, with a white beard, however, left one leg and one leg there, and he will soon be severed. But the warrior did not care. At the Hash al-Sabi celebrations, both Cholaimani and Mohandas were “removed” on Donald’s orders.

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