Iran still shines in retaliation against the United States

Iran still shines in retaliation against the United States

One year after the ouster of General Sholaymani, ordered by Donald Trump, Tehran has its firefighters in Iraq and Syria.

One year after it was dissolved on Donald Trump’s orders, Iran continues to maintain it. “Glorious tradition“of”Sacrificer “ Qassim Cholaimani, the commander of the all-powerful al-Qaeda forces, was shot dead by a drone on January 3, 2020, near Baghdad airport. One that allowed the Islamic Republic to expand its influence in the Middle East beyond its borders.

For nearly a week in response to a request from Iraqi Kurdish leader Masood Barzani, state television has been showing him in his offices, while Dash jihadists marched on Erbil in the summer of 2014. Or how his ally, Palestinian Islamist Mahmoud Sahar, described how Solimani handed over $ 22 million in eight suitcases to members of a Hamas delegation that arrived in Tehran in 2006. The Islamic State, which did not retaliate, stopped US soldiers from launching missiles at an Iraqi base – even after warning them – and continue to cry for revenge. His “Assamese

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