Fox News reports that Trump is a favorite to be a Republican candidate in 2024

Fox News reports that Trump is a favorite to be a Republican candidate in 2024

While Joe Biden, who won the 2020 presidential election, is waiting for his inauguration on January 20, the outgoing president is already dreaming of the 2024 election: if he is given a big choice for the Republican primary, he will be able to announce his candidacy during the race, Fox News reported on January 2.

A few days before the Republican National Committee meeting on Jan. 6-8, Fox News suggests Donald Trump is already gearing up for the 2024 presidential election campaign. On January 2, the TV channel reported that behind closed doors, the outgoing president had expressed his desire to run again in four years. He can announce his candidacy on or before Jan. 20, before Pitton’s appointment.

According to the media, Trump had already indicated such an option in early December.

So at a White House party organized for members of the Republican National Committee, he told his supporters: “These are incredible four years. We are trying to do four more years. Otherwise, I will see you in four years ”.

Not comparable to other candidates

What’s more, the television station reports that Trump is being given a big choice among Republican candidates, including Vice President Mike Pence and former US Ambassador to the UN Nicki Haley. Trump’s popularity among Republican voters rose exceptionally: 86%, according to a nationwide poll conducted by Fox News in early December, and 90%, according to the NPR-PBS-Marist poll conducted over the same period.

In addition, the channel recalls that Trump should run again for the presidency in 2024, according to a majority of Republican voters, 71% Fox News and 57% NPR-PBS-Marist.

Presidential election in the United States

According to official figures, Joe Biden won the US presidential election on November 3, receiving 306 votes from 232 against Donald Trump. Prior to Biden’s inauguration, scheduled for Jan. 20, Congress had not confirmed its victory on Jan. 6. The session will be chaired by Vice President Mike Pence as Speaker of the Senate. However, it will be a symbolic practice, as large voters have already chosen Joe Biden as the future head of state.

Outgoing President Donald Trump has not yet conceded defeat, and he continues to challenge Biden’s victory.

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