Air pollution test in London: Results Wednesday

Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah, la mère d'Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah, décédée d'une crise d'asthme en 2013, le 30 novembre 2020 à Londres (AFP/Archives - Hollie Adams)

The family of a nine-year-old Londoner who died of a severe asthma attack in 2013 will find out on Wednesday whether his death was caused by air pollution, Friday in London after a series of investigations ended.

Southwalk London Deputy Crown Prince Philip Barlow, who has been investigating the background to the death of Ella Ado-Kissi-Debra for 10 days, announced on Friday at 11:00 on Wednesday that he will rule for GMT and local cause. His death.

If he decides that air pollution is the direct cause of death, it will be the UK first. Mr Barlow could issue a statement to prevent future air pollution-related deaths.

“I am here to seek justice for my daughter,” Rosamond told AFP after the Ado-Kissi-Debra trial. This author also expects a result that will “have a positive impact on the lives of many children”.

Rosamond Ado-Kissi-Debra (AFP / Archives – Hollie Adams), mother of all Ado-Kissi-Debra who died of an asthma attack in London on November 30, 2013

“People don’t realize how dangerous air pollution is (…) I think this is a public health emergency and more work needs to be done to improve quality,” he added.

Her daughter Ella died of a severe asthma attack on February 15, 2013, after nearly three years of continuous attacks and in more than 30 hospitals. The girl, an athlete and musician, lived 30 meters south of South Circle, a busy road in south London.

Deadly effects of air pollution (AFP / Archives - Alain BOMMENEL)

Deadly effects of air pollution (AFP / Archives – Alain BOMMENEL)

In 2014, the court ruled that he had died of severe respiratory distress caused by severe asthma. But those findings were overturned in 2019 and a new investigation was ordered due to new scientific evidence, including the 2018 report by air pollution expert Stephen Holgate.

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Mr Holgate noted that there was a “strike link” between Ela’s hospitalization and the presence of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and airborne particles, the most harmful pollutants, near his home.

At a hearing on Tuesday, the expert found that a “hypersecretion” of mucus in the lungs of all caused a chronic cough fit, which worsened in the winter of 2012, when air pollution in his surroundings worsened.

City of London on the day of severe pollution in April 2014 (AFP / Archives - LEON NEAL)

City of London on the day of severe pollution in April 2014 (AFP / Archives – LEON NEAL)

Instead he explained that “when the level of air pollution in the summer months was generally declining, his airways were able to recover.”

It is estimated that between 28,000 and 36,000 deaths in the UK each year are related to air pollution.

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