Unprecedented setback for Donald Trump in the US Congress

Unprecedented setback for Donald Trump in the US Congress

The U.S. Congress on Friday inflicted an unprecedented humiliation on Donald Trump by a huge majority, excluding his veto on the largest defense budget.

The majority of Republican-elected officials joined the Democrats in defying their leader at the end of his mandate to accept the $ 740 billion budget.

In four years at the White House, Donald Trump has used his veto power nine times against bills passed in both chambers. So far, Congress has not been able to achieve the two-thirds majority needed to override it.

During an exceptional session on January 1, the Senate won by 81 votes to 13. Since the House of Representatives did this on Monday, the text is firmly accepted.

Donald Trump’s presidential defeat on November 3 has been widely acknowledged by Republican-elected officials, and he has yet to acknowledge himself.

In anticipation of this new denial, the millionaire denounced the “weak and tired Republican leadership” earlier this week.

Mitch McConnell, the Republican senator who faced the attack, called on his troops to “accept their responsibilities” toward the Pentagon.

“This is to ensure that we are in competition against our rivals like Russia and China,” he opened the debate on Friday. “It is an opportunity to remind our soldiers and their families of our support,” the influential senator said.


As a result of lengthy negotiations, the text offers a 3% increase in the salaries of security personnel in particular.

As usual for more than half a century, it was adopted by a majority in the Democratic majority in early December and in the Republican-controlled Senate in early December.

But Donald Trump announced on December 23 that he would veto it, causing unrest even in his camp.

Seeing this text as very favorable to China, he opposed the possibility of renaming the military bases of the Confederate generals who fought to protect slavery during the Civil War (1861-1865).

He criticized him for repealing a law called “Article 230”, defending the legal status of social networks, and accusing him of being biased against him.

The speech also undermines Donald Trump’s plan to reduce the US military presence in Germany, imposing a deadline of at least 120 days on such action and no US withdrawal before accepting his post. Heir Joe Biden on Jan. 20.


Donald Trump, who has presented himself as the ever-negotiating monarch, suffered another setback on Friday.

He failed to submit Mitch McConnell to a referendum on raising the allowance for American families to $ 2,000, now set at $ 600, with the aim of mitigating its economic impact. Infection.

However, his proposal received the support of Democrats, who urged him to vote on it on Friday. But Mr McConnell said it was “socialism for the rich” because the check would go “to homes that do not lose jobs or income.”

Donald Trump, who focused on his post-election crusade, did not immediately respond to these scams. Instead, he tweeted to invite his supporters to a demonstration in Washington on January 6, confirming defeat for Joe Biden in Congress.

“We won widely!” He promised that “plenty of evidence” would be given at the rally.

For the time being, the usual “massive evidence” promised has never been made public and the courts have formally rejected the president’s appeals.

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