Navigo Pass on iPhone from February 2021?

Navigo Pass on iPhone from February 2021?

Written by Elody D., Cecil D. Photos by Caroline J. Updated on January 2, 2021 at 3:20 pm Updated on January 2, 2021 at 3:27 pm

Can you check your Navigo Pass with your iPhone and purchase tickets directly from an app? Possible from February 2021, according to the Parisians. For years, Apple has denied access to its NFC chips. Valerie Begres, President of Ile de France Mobilites, is no longer about to release the long-awaited release date!

The rumor has been around for over a year now, and this feature is eagerly awaited: by At the end of 2020, Which is finally possible Recharge your Navigo Pass Directly through him IPhone. Our colleagues from Le Parisien confirm that from February 2021 all iPhones will allow you to purchase a ticket and make your navigo pass demodial, (which is very important), Check your Navigo Pass Even if his phone is disabled!

And L-D-France Mobility No comments yet on customer service RATP Explained the support for that at the end of September 2020 Recharge to pass And thisTicket purchase Is in development. These features are already available for some phones Android : They are part of the “Digital Revolution” program of modernization and the RATP launched a year ago.

If the iPhone does not have one yet, that is the reasonApple Does not facilitate the establishment of this support. The U.S. company blocked access To NFC For two years; The manufacturer only provides the keys with the least amount of conditions. It seems that this blockage has finally been removed recently: Apple has finally agreed to open the IDFM door. You need to modify the application Vianavico For iPhone setup.

Apple was hostile to NFC technologies because they allow payments other than those made locally, such as the contactless payment method, Apple Bay. Nevertheless thanks to NFC for the customers Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi Or Orange They can reload their pass without traveling.

Valerie Beckress At the time this invention was introduced, it was assumed that the problem was above all else Financier : « Apple wanted us to pay for this service and the other operators agreed to pay for it. They are unconditionally committed to this partnership. The risk if we pay is to find out that Apple has tied hands and feet. What do we do if they want to change rates? »

In a few weeks, iPhone users should finally take advantage of this opportunity.

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