Australia’s gold rush has discovered two great nails

Australia’s gold rush has discovered two great nails

They felt like they were going to fall on a nail. Eventually, these two men discovered two claws: two large loaves Pure gold in Victoria, Australia, UPI reported on August 20. Brent Shannon and Ethan West used metal detectors to scan the Tarnagulla mine area, and several hours later they found two nails, totaling 3.5 kg and valued at 2 212,000. Ethan West has been searching for gold in the area for four years with the help of his father Paul West. “It’s unbelievable to fall into two big nails at once,” he explained during the Australian show Sunrise.

Prior to the discovery of these nails, the gold miner discovered thousands of useless coins. “The area is beautiful, so it has never been explored,” Brent Shannon said. Experts estimate that the two lucky ones could resell if they sold 30% more than their estimates or 300,000 euros to a collector. The search for the two gold diggers was the subject of an episode of the Aussie Gold Hunters show on Discovery Channel Australia last Thursday.

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5.5 kg of nuggets were found nearby in 2013

However, these two nails do not match what was discovered by an amateur explorer, who weighed 5.5 kg in January 2013 and was buried 60 cm underground and an hour from Tarnagulla. The value of this nail is $ 300,000 or over ,000 250,000. Since 1851, this part of the state of Victoria has been obscuring gold nails, but the patterns have changed a lot. Technology is now essential for modern aspirants.

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