At least 140 lawmakers plan to challenge the outcome of the US congressional election

At least 140 lawmakers plan to challenge the outcome of the US congressional election

Jan. to officially count the votes cast by the Election College.

Jan. Republican Senators.

The channel hopes their vote will not change the outcome of the election, but may delay Joe Biden’s “inevitable claim” as US president by a few hours.

Earlier, Republican Senator Josh Howley had already announced his intention to oppose the results of the Jan. 6 congressional election.

Earlier, a group of Republican MPs in the House of Representatives expressed similar desire. The objection of at least one senator and one representative changes the course of the session. If Josh Hawley keeps his promise, both chambers will not automatically approve the results, but will have to hold a two-hour debate to decide whether to support the objections.

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According to official figures, Joe Biden won the US presidential election on November 3, receiving 306 votes from 232 against Donald Trump. Prior to Biden’s inauguration, scheduled for Jan. 20, Congress had not confirmed its victory on Jan. 6. However, it will be a symbolic practice, as large voters have already chosen Joe Biden as the future head of state.

Outgoing President Donald Trump has not yet conceded defeat, and he continues to challenge Biden’s victory.

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