New York welcomes 2021 with confetti, but in front of an almost deserted Times Square

New York accueille 2021 avec des confettis mais devant un Times Square quasi désert

Change for the New Year Every December 31st, a flagpole marks the descent of a shiny crystal ball, called a ‘ball drop’. . However, only a few dozen guests were able to attend this famous countdown, including medical staff and food delivery men, “heroes of epidemics”. Because of the extraordinary circumstances, millions of Americans had to retreat to the big TV shows.

Mayor Bill de Blasio described 2020 as “the most difficult year in New York history.” “In January, we’re going to vaccinate one million New Yorkers,” he promised.

Images of the desolate Times Square in central New York toured the world last spring and became a symbol of America’s health crisis. New York is particularly vulnerable to the virus. For weeks, hundreds of people died there every day. The city has enacted stricter rules to control the virus. However, after a significant decline, the number of infections rose again.

Nonetheless, New Year’s Eve traditions in New York were kept up with broadcasts from Confetti and Times Square, where Gloria Keiner and one of the many stars, Jennifer Lopez, attended. , I sang the classic “I Will Survive” for a variety of anthems during epidemics.

This big party in Manhattan Since 1904, The New York Times has opened its new newspaper publishing house with a New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

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