Message 24 | The Civil Defense clarifies the methods for the safe use of “different types of” heaters “

Message 24 |  The Civil Defense clarifies the methods for the safe use of "different types of" heaters "

The Directorate General of Civil Defense has warned of the dangers posed by heaters, explaining the best ways to operate them safely to ensure the safety of their users.

Internal warming with charcoal and firewood emits carbon monoxide, which leads to short-term inhalation, which can lead to death, and the best way to use this type of heat is to set fire to ventilated sites or to ventilate the space to prevent it from being filled with toxic gases. .

He also warned of the dangers of using a “kerosene heater” during sleep due to kerosene leaks, stressed that the kerosene cover should be checked, and that the heater should be turned off during sleep, with lights on and off outside the home.

He called for caution and caution when using voltage transformers and electrical connections when operating an “electric heater”, stressing the need to connect the heater to a socket from other electrical devices, and to provide a filter to ensure that the candle goes out as soon as it falls to the ground.

The Directorate warns that using a “gas heater” during sleep can lead to suffocation if the room is closed, and that there is a risk of gas leakage and the possibility of a fire as a result.

He pointed out that oil leaking from the “oil heater” could reach the furniture and hang clothes and linens in it, leading to a fire, so the heater should be kept in a safe place to avoid falling to the ground.

Civil Defense" Explains the different types of safe use methods "Heaters"

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