In London, a page finally changes

In London, a page finally changes

The sky is gray and the air is frosty. A typical winter day, this special end of the year coincides with the mood of most Londoners. On Wednesday, December 30, members of the House of Commons signed a free trade agreement with the European Union into British law. A massive vote: 521 delegates, only 73 against.

“I hope this vote, the last day of the year, is over Brexit Behind us, we will stop asking about it. “ Larry Young, 42 explains. A resident of Islington, a district northeast of the English capital “Tired of these fake sterile and emotional discussions everyone will stand in their positions and no one will listen.” The resulting rifts are more harmful than Brexit. ”.

Only 9% of UK MPs expect opposition to the deal

More than four and a half years after the June 23, 2016 referendum, this sentiment about the Brexit overflow is shared by the majority of the population. Although only 17% of Britons believe the deal negotiated by Boris Johnson is good, 57% of the population wants parliamentarians to approve it, according to a poll released by Yukov on Wednesday. Only 9% of MPs expect to oppose this. For the English, it was time to turn the page.

AL analysis. Brexit: A consensus is formed in Westminster

Especially since another object affects their daily life more: Govit-19. Since the discovery of a new variant of the virus titled VUI-202012/01 than previous types, the country has been crashing under positive events: although the number of new patients has tripled since December 3, 50,023 Britons tested positive on Wednesday, following a record 53,135 positive cases on Tuesday. A total of 2.4 million Britons are affected by the disease.

“Brexit for newspapers and politicians”

Christine Lewis, a retiree, is at the center of her current concerns. “For Brexit newspapers and politicians, it will not change my life. She promises. I can’t see my children and my grandchildren because of the virus. “ If she and her husband were relatively protected from being isolated in their community home, their lives would be much more enjoyable without the smiles and smiles of their grandchildren, without their traditional Christmas lunch, and without the gifts to unwrap.

OS Dosier. Brexit seen from London

Although 786,000 dose vaccinated Vaccine In three weeks, progress will be unknown tomorrow. On Wednesday, December 30, control measures were tightened for almost the entire population. Since then, non-essential stores across the country have been closed. The only exception: Cornwall’s extreme tip islands, with only 2,224 people in the country, allowed the pub to go… to celebrate T-Day in the world after Brexit.

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