From Finance to Esotericism: Celine Page Dared to Fall!

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Going from Finance to Esotericism: This Is More Than Extraordinary Career Change! Celine Baz dared to fall. Meeting.

Life coach and clear media for almost two years, Celine Page said London is the perfect example of a city where you can refresh yourself and discover your true life path. We met her to talk about her extraordinary career, her spiritual arrival and how it changed her.

Tell us about your activity

I am a life coach who specializes in personal development and a clear media. I have been working on this process for over two years. Often, even though these two actions are intertwined, I make suggestions in clairvoyance media or life practice. So I take a card game during a career training session.

However, I have not always been in this field: I have worked in the banking and insurance world for a very long time and they are both very ‘corporate’. About two years ago, I realized that I no longer had a place in the “traditional” business world.

When did you settle in London?

I have been in London for eight years in January. Basically, I came because I was offered a position at an insurance company, which led to me moving to the capital with my two children.

Cliveons When did you find this gift? Is this always of interest to you?

The fact of drawing cards and esotericism in general has always attracted me a lot. From a young age, I always had an intensely developed intuition. For example, I was in contact with my great-grandmother who died many years ago. However, at the time, I wasn’t really focused on it, let’s just look at it as a sign.

It was only a few years later when I reconnected with her that everything woke me up and I had an expression. One day, when I went to bed, in my head, I got pictures of cards with very precise drawings, I often heard the first name “Gerard”. The next day, I ordered an Oracle card from the “Gerrard Barbie” brand, which was a sign. Truth be told, I don’t have to use the explanatory book because I immediately know how I created this oracle. I immediately had a description of all the cards and it was very fluid.

So I would say that everything was taken by intuition, because I have always known that I have this gift of seeing, deep within me.

How did your loved ones behave?

It was so hard, it took me a long time to tell them that I was a media. I don’t say it face to face, but creating a post on social networks is what happens to me, usually called spiritual coming out. I know for some in my family this is not their thing, but they value my work and it is very important to me.

Reading Cards: How Exactly Does It Work?

The cards are an oracle, which in theory can be read by anyone. However, not everyone knows how to interpret them and modify them with different people. Personally, I use cards to support my ideas as my media has grown so much. Often I draw a card and immediately feel what I want to say. So the cards give me reassurance and comfort. Because my career is mainly based on subjectivity, I often wonder how I feel, sometimes I’m crazy, even laughing (laughs) when I hear voices. So, this oracle gives me protection.

Are you sometimes afraid to say certain things for fear of offending / upsetting your customers?

This problem was difficult for me to manage because I sometimes have to report things with serious consequences like deaths. However, thanks to my intuition and experience, I know who can say certain things and who is best not to say them. Sometimes I feel that the person did not come for it and had no interest in such an announcement. So it occurred to me not to announce the death of a person’s relative. Whatever happens, I try to keep maximum tact, gentleness, and kindness if I have anything heavy to declare.

Do you have customers who have been “turned upside down” by your services?

Yes, that’s why my work fascinates me! A few years ago, I went to a patient who was in life training and had a clear period of time, going through a difficult period and was told to continue to fight because even though it was going to be long and hard, she felt like she was going to pull. Many months later, when I saw her light at the end of the tunnel, I felt so happy and tears came to my eyes because I knew my services were over!

Who is your “regular customer”?

Most of my clients are French nationals. I also have English clients.

Have you noticed any cultural differences between French and English customers, and if so, how do they manifest themselves?

I find little difference between different clients, but rather between French and English consultants. French claims are more in consultation, while English is more in general listening.

Implications of Govt and imprisonment? How did you go about this?

Like everyone else, Govt and imprisonment obviously affected my functioning. I do video conference suggestions now, which personally do not cause me a problem because I believe that energies transcend screens.

What are some things you knew when you started your business?

I would have loved to know that everything is going to develop a little bit. When I started, I liked everything, and right now, my intuition and my card reading skills gradually developed, which is so normal! The main advice I give to someone who wants to start such a process is not to skip the steps.

What are your future plans? Are you thinking of returning to France?

`One thing is for sure: I will stay in London! I would love to continue to develop my training activities like Clairevines. I opened a YouTube channel last week to share my interest and my advice with a wider audience, and of course to gain visibility. I am so excited to do something I love and want it to last as long as possible!

What is your favorite place in London?

I think London is a great city, so it’s hard to choose one! I really enjoy walking around Tower Bridge with my kids. This place warms me up a lot, so I often seek refuge there. I remember one particular situation: one day when I was in a low mood, I doubted the future, wondering what I was doing in London, I went there with my two kids to walk around with me. I looked around and immediately remembered why I loved this city so much!

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