Workshops on learning technology this Christmas

Workshops on learning technology this Christmas

The Technology is improving day by day, But also allow it to enhance the reality of others. Changing the world on a large scale is not always necessary, but knowing Technical tools Necessary things can help make one’s life easier or more fun.

They organize at the Technocompass Xnergic Christmas Campus, Bringing students closer to technology through online workshops. Sometimes, it is necessary to go beyond theoretical ideas, and practical workshops can bring us closer to ideas in a fun and energetic way.

“Workshops provide technical support because many theoretical things are done in the classroom, but there is no such practical aspect. Index, 3D and Textile Design ”, points out Marco Antonio Rodriguez, Operational Organizer and Professor Degree in Video Game Design and Production At the Technocompass.

Is there Different workshops Each student can sign up for the ones they are most interested in. In Christmas Box StudioStudents will learn to use the programs used by professional 3D artists to create a system with layouts and Christmas lights. In the Mots programming workshop for Minecraft, items, modules, structures are created … and the solid basis of written programming is learned.

Participants will learn the different tools that a video game engine has Unity Transform your video games easily and simply. At the Virtual Fashion Design Workshop, participants can design their own outfits using 3D simulation software Awesome designr.

Smart Textile Workshop

At the Smart Textile Workshop, which is free and part of the Regional Special and Competitiveness Program, participants can Sew rounds on the fabric This allows you to connect the running LEDs with the function of a small switch. It also includes features Electromagnetism and programming in tissues. One of the participants in this workshop Kit You have to process everything at home and the session will be online.

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Computer screens o Tablets Will become windows for students to discover so they can discover new ideas and universes. Although the workshops are online, we try to personalize them as much as possible. “Ability is like being in person. We maintain the same ratio: one monitor for every ten students, so they attract personal attention, ”concludes Rodriguez.

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