Brexit seen from London

Before the conclusion of an agreement betweenEuropean union And this United Kingdom About one Proxy Inevitably – the deal finally ended on December 24, 2020 – The cross On December 15, he provided the floor for ten British dignitaries to discuss different themes.

Read on. Brexit: Last minute agreement signed between the European Union and the United Kingdom


Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s sovereign strategy is guiding him to defend the role of the state in the country’s renaissance. This is causing a transformation in the Conservative Party, which has long seen itself as an ardent heir to Thatcherism. With the COP26 system in Glasgow, it is a climate champion.

Edward Lay: “We will not defend complete free trade”

England won the climate


With or without an agreement on future relations with the EU, Brexit will have a significant impact on UK SMEs and consumers. The desire to accelerate trade with the world’s major industrialized or developing countries is not integrated. The rescue will eventually go through the EU!

“British consumers have much to lose”

European relations, stronger than anything


Kabbalah and self-mockery are two distinct British traits. However, they have been undervalued for four years, and the political turmoil caused by Brexit can sometimes turn tragic. Even comedians have trouble understanding it. However, there is always a way: to slap the French, a national sport.

“Brexit kills English comedy”

. Company

Large sectors of the British population feel isolated from the development of the country, supporting the most efficient work by a liberal elite for two decades. This racism is especially manifested by the country’s rejection of European immigration.

“Distrust of change, many British people no longer realize representation”

In the UK, ethnic minorities climb the social ladder


Will the UK ever end in unity? One can analyze the Brexit vote as an awareness of English nationalism in the face of a trail that is considered very strong by the EU. But it has exacerbated Scotland’s claim to independence, and it will help reunite Ireland.

Kirsty Hughes: “Majority of Scots support freedom”

On the Irish border, reunification is not prohibited


The UK continues to seek its place in a world that has lost its status as an imperial power. Many Britons place their hopes on a more privileged connection with the United States and a stronger relationship with the Commonwealth. In danger of deep disappointment.

Nick Whitney: “The United Kingdom wants to be a key ally of the United States in NATO”

Brexit: The Commonwealth will probably not be El Torado


The British live in memory of a glorious past that fosters confidence that they can overcome any challenge on their own. Brexit was decided in the name of reclaiming their “sovereignty” and could not share it. However, this biased relationship with history may have severed their view of the present world.

William Boyd: “Brexit is a disaster for our country”

In the name of sovereignty


The British cultural scene holds solid assets to continue to shine in the world, especially as it strives to reflect the diversity of a multicultural community. At the same time, artists, especially writers, are led to reconsider the subject of national identity on a narrow basis.

Jonathan Coe: “Brexit I changed the way I write”

A British cultural scene is open to the world


The glorious British “fighting spirit” seems to have turned against them. Navigator Miranda Merron says her country has never seemed divided. Eight years after the London Olympics, which was a significant success in terms of communication, the picture of the United Kingdom is fragmented.

“No one can impose anything on an Englishman”

Between Olympic glory and sporting humiliation


The Anglican Church has also been torn apart by Brexit, with the majority of worshipers voting differently from the clergy. All Christian denominations face the challenge of overcoming the temptation of national withdrawal. Religious pluralism has also become more complex as Islamic attacks recur.

“Create new spaces for conversation”

Religion and politics go hand in hand, but Islam trembles

The English capital is also established in French Helene Doros, The star chef, based in Paris and London, looks to the future with philosophy.

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