Australia is no longer afraid to get angry at China

Australia is no longer afraid to get angry at China

Details – The island-continent, which still maintains close ties with the Middle Kingdom, has tightened its grip on Beijing, following the United States.


Over the months, new news has widened the gap between Australia and China a little more. Again this Monday, information received from Beijing indicates that the authorities have ordered steelmakers in the country to stop importing Australian coal. Last week, Australian Foreign Minister Marice Payne condemned the move, along with 40 other countries Uyghur treatment in Xinjiang. It is a kind of criticism that cannot be stopped by the Chinese government, which presents an increasingly militant approach in the international arena.

Australia, this “small” country of 25 million people, no longer seems afraid to get angry in Beijing, despite its strong economic bias against China. If Australia 14e The richest country in the world, it owes its substantial mineral reserves

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