American Football Alliance: A mixed start

American Football Alliance: A mixed start

Catcher encourages Ronnell Hall supporters ... (PHOTO PHELAN M. EBENHACK, ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Photo by Felon M. Ebenhawk, Associated Press

Receiver Ronald Hall encourages Orlando Apollos fans to hear their voices during the game against the Atlanta Legends on February 9th.

Michael Bujold

The first season of the American Football Alliance is only three weeks old, but some elements are already coming out. Overall, the first steps of the round revealed mixed reactions.

First note: scored some points in the AAF. In 12 games, he scored only 472 points, averaging 39 per game. Second Note: Players known to the general public can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Pushing back Trent Richardson is probably the most popular name among the eight AAF teams. The third chance of being selected in the NFL draft seven years ago, Richardson has already hit six touchdowns with the Birmingham Iron, which is still one of two teams.

While the vast majority of AAF players are complete strangers to the majority of amateur players, this does not apply to coaches. Mike Martz, Mike Singletary, Dennis Erickson and Steve Spurier have all previously played in the NFL. Former star players Troy Polamalu, Hines Ward and Justin Duck are also in management roles.

In the public interest, although the final verdict is still very quick, ratings in the arenas seem to be more encouraging than the audience.

The first game of the season, which aired on CBS on February 9, is said to have been watched by about 2.9 million people. It has a larger audience than the simultaneously created rival ABC’s NBA game.

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The innovation effect is definitely a big factor. But when you know the appetite of Americans for the national game, it is not surprising to see the CBS and NFL network that broadcasts devices, gets respectable ratings, especially not the naughtiness of quality first game.

On the spot, an average of 15,000 to 25,000 spectators will attend the AAF’s tournament. However, in some cases this seems like a very generous number.

For example, the San Diego Navy game reported a crowd of over 20,000, but in terms of the game’s web views, it was very low. At SDCCU (San Diego County Credit Union Stadium). There are no 10,000 souls in the stadium, not even 5,000 …

250 million investment

Rumors of financial problems spread within the second week of the calendar. Athlete reports that AAF was unable to pay its players on time. However, League co-founder Charlie Epsol denied the allegations.

“We had a problem with our pay system,” Epsol said USA Today.

He explained that AAF would lose hundreds of millions before making a profit before the start of the same Epsol season. It did not stop billionaire Tom Tandon from paying $ 250 million to the league last week. Tandon, who owns Hurricane Carolina in the NHL, said many potential investors have offered him the chance to join the AAF adventure.

“I don’t know why people lived in an issue I had already solved [les paies des joueurs]. We have the funds to do what we need to do to succeed. I’m sure we know some of that, ”Dundon commented USA Today, Last week.

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AAF can certainly continue its operations for a few years. There are 52 players per team for a total of 416 in the league. These are annual salaries, 83,333 (for three seasons, 000 250,000), for a total of 416 players, less than $ 35 million a year. Thanks to the $ 250 million paid by Tandon, therefore, the AAF must have a certain amount of maneuverability to sustain itself over the next few years.

Eight teams of the AAF

Arizona Hotshots

Les Legends de Atlanta

L’Ron de Birmingham

L Express de Memphis

Les Apollos de Orlando

Les Stallions de Salt Lake City

Commanders of San Antonio

Le Fleet de San Diego

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