NFL: Bills insult patriots

NFL: Bills insult patriots

FOXBOROUGH, mass. – Josh Allen threw four touchdown passes and the Buffalo Bills made a 38-9 correction for the New England Patriots on Monday night.

A week after snatching the title of the Eastern Division of the American League from the Patriots, Bills still have a chance to win one of the top three places for the playoffs.

Pills (12-3) won the two-game season series against the Patriots for the first time since 1999. The New England team has not been beaten by a division rival since 2000. That 19 seasons consecutive set was an NFL record.

During the first campaign led by Phil Belich, the Patriots (6-9) will experience a losing season for the first time since 2000.

Allen finished 27 of his 36 passes for 320 yards of aerial gains. He has now thrown 34 touchdown passes, surpassing Jim Kelly’s team record this season. For the eighth time this season Allen had 300 aerial yards, and also downplayed Drew Bletzow’s team identity.

Stephen Dix caught nine balls for 145 yards and three touchdowns, and also set a team record for most receiving yards.

As Damien Harris missed the second straight game, the Patriots struggled to advance on offense for most of the night. Cam Newton hit a touchdown, but managed only 5 of his 10 passes for 34 yards. He was replaced by Jared Stidham in the third quarter.

Newton’s 34 yards is the smallest total of patriots to start a quarterback since 1993.

Pills used some of the injuries in the Patriots’ defense to get a total of 474 yards in the game. This is the highest total yards conceded by the Belize men this season.

The Patriots closed the lead 10-9 when Newton ran nine yards for Touchdown. However, Nick Folk missed the change and then did not look back at the bills.

The buffalo team advanced on the field using their aerial game. Allen finished five of his seven assists for 59 yards, and he joined Lee Smith in the final zone.

Allen then sent the ball to his favorite goal Dix for a 50-yard touchdown, which was 24-9. Both scored a big goal from 18 yards in the third quarter.

Allen and Dix completed their hat-trick for the final touch of the game from eight yards out in the fourth quarter.

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