In Australia, bees were first observed going at night

In Australia, bees were first observed going at night

For the first time in Australia, researchers have observed two types of nocturnal bees, star foragers in a new study released in late October.

They doubted their abilities, but never saw them at work. Australian scholars have observed two types of bees in palm flowers at night. The first in the kangaroo land, revealed Journal of Hymenoptera, Released October 30, 2020.

Like cats, Bees Ribenia bitcoin And Meroclosa gemmatta They have eyes that allow them to catch more light than their daily counterparts. A property unknown in the scientific literature “These are small transparent data Insects It feeds at dusk or at night “, Write to researchers who conducted their observations in November 2019 and February 2020 Queensland, Northeast of the island continent.

Bees are essential queens of pollination

“We have confirmed that there are at least two types of nocturnal bees Australia There are many more that can be fed during the day and early morning or evening in low light, Said dIn a press release James Tory, senior writer and doctoral student at the University of Blinders. It is true that they usually do not know that they can use their eyes at night, but it turns out that it is more common to go in less light than currently thought. “

According to him, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the behavior of these hymenoptera to protect them from the potential impacts of climate change. “Global weather patterns are turbulent and temperatures in many parts of Australia are rising with the risk of prolonged droughtFire, He continues. So we need to improve our understanding of these pests so that they avoid the dangers of extinction and mitigate the loss. Pollination services […] Understand the potential for adaptation in the future. “

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