Podcast – “This is America”

Podcast - "This is America"

Is the Trump era coming to an end or is it just beginning? Joe Biden, who was declared the winner of the presidential election on Saturday, November 7, should be formally invested as President of the United States on January 20. Donald Trump’s campaign team is trying to challenge the tentative election results, but some lawyers believe his demands will succeed.

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The performance of the two candidates has already been widely disconnected, but what does it say about the state of the country today, especially with the highest score of Donald Trump (over 70 million votes)? For the last chapter of This is America, Reporter The cross Alexis Fusion writer in New York asked a question to Claire Mesut. Author of many successful novels (Children of the Emperor, the woman above, Burning woman …)In this election, she offers her vision as a woman, an American and a “global citizen.”

AL analysis. In the United States, “Trumpism” will survive with or without Trump

AC Facts. US presidential election: Pope Francis congratulates Joe Biden

AR Great design. Broadway, 50km and many faces of the American dream

R CHRONICLE. The rupture of the empire

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Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences; Joel Benson, campaign strategist Barack Obama And d ‘Hillary Clinton ; Raphael Leogier, sociologist and philosopher; Benjamin Hadot, member of the Atlantic Council think tank; Celia Belin, researcher at the Brookings Institution; Claude Kronitsky, the founding journalist of the media site The real Africa ; Roger Cohen, columnist New York Times ; Charlotte Thomas-Hebert, PhD student at Sorbonne; Bernard Harkard, professor of law at Columbia University.

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Every Friday, until the day after the presidential election, ask Alexis Buyson and his guests This is America. A podcast The cross In partnership with Project Alliance-Colombia And its associates (Science-Po, Polytechnic, La Sorbonne) and with French breakfast, The first web magazine of the French in the United States.

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Editorial Manager: Christophe de Calsen. Interview, audio recording and editing: Alexis Poison. Production Supervision: Celestine Albert-Stewart. Music Composition and Sound Design: Emmanuel Via. Composition: Stephen Lettur. Voice: Lawrence Sabason. Graphic Identity: Oliver Palace. Editor-in-Chief: Jerome Sapus.

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