PMU – Arrive in Vincent on Saturday, December 26: Be a Des Thrones earlier than Brilliant Matrix

PMU - Arrive in Vincent on Saturday, December 26: Be a Des Thrones earlier than Brilliant Matrix

Visit to Quinta : 10 – 14 – 15 – 11 – 12

Ahead of two qualifying races for the Brix de Amக்குric, scheduled for tomorrow at the Paris Gray, Quintே du Jூர்rre will face off against sixteen competitors aged 8 to 10 in the 2,700m on the main road.

Who won two quintals last month, Brilliant matrix (# 14) 2.4 / 1 was the logical option in the contradictions. It started well, with Leo Abrewward’s partner putting his time behind the animators’ backs and stopping the attack halfway through. In the last corner he was even better Crusoe de Anama (n ° 11), One des Thrones (n ° 10) and Cash to rip (n ° 15), very close, ambushed. Continues its progress in the final stages, One des Thrones I was able to take the best out of him in the last fifty meters. After two runner-ups in a row, Philip Dagart’s partner found a fair reward for his efforts and won the second part of his life. Stay away from the leading twins, Cash to rip Slightly ahead Crusoe de Anama. Good finisher, Beautiful Louis Mabon (n ° 12) completes Quinta’s arrival by advancing Crutch (n ° 4), Be Bob Hoffer (n ° 8) and Senu’s acting (n ° 2), good set back finisher.

Such as Black Jack from (n ° 13), he made a mistake while climbing out of the animators.

Stephen Florent, Romain Bore and Abstract refer to Quinta in disorder. Halim Boukas and Govin Romain proposed disorders in four horses.

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