NFL – Football: The Bakers beat the Titans 40-14 in a one-sided game

Aaron Rodgers put forward another reason for him to earn NFL MVP when he threw four touchdown passes at Green Bay Packer in a 40-14 win over the Tennessee Titans.

Rodgers joined his eternal teammate Downte Adams three times for the middle finger, additionally throwing another touchdown pass to Equanimous St. Brown. Adams’ three touchdowns brought his total to 17 this season, one of the 1994 Packers records set by Sterling Sharp. Adams hit 11 passes for 142 yards in the NFL. The receptions were a great good.

If Adams and Rodgers pass a blast, the Wisconsin training ground game is not out. Rookie runs behind A.J. Dillon had his breakout game with 124 rushing yards and two touchdowns for the Packers (12-3).

On the Titans side (10-5), neither Ryan Danehill (11/24, 121, one touchdown and two interceptions), nor Derrick Henry could get into this tough fight. Delayed by 19 points, the Titans reduced the lead to five with back-to-back touchdowns on a new lease, but the Packers responded with 31 straight points to access the NFC’s best team title.

With a win, the Titans could have ensured they won the NFC Southern Division. They can win their next game against Texan or expect a setback from the Indianapolis Golds team against the Jaguars.

The Bakers were already guaranteed to win the Northern Division of the National League, and if they beat the Chicago Pierce (8-7) or the Seattle Seahawks (11-4) they could get first place in the league. San Francisco lost with 49ers (6-9).

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