Horse Racing: Ferry Wood and Gu de Haripra on their way to America

Horse Racing: Ferry Wood and Gu de Haripra on their way to America

Rain or wind will not affect the two-star show that day at the Paris-Vincent Racecourse this Sunday. Gu de Haripra And f erie Wood Achieved excellent values ​​by winning at the Criterium Continental and the Brix Tenor de U une, respectively. Thus they confirm their participation in the Brix de America (January 31).

The first group for Gu de Haripra was I.

Picked up speed on exit, Gu de Haripra The Criterium Continental brought some fear to those who received it, finding itself within a kilometer of the last third of Peloton. “I found the time to be a bit long,” admits his driver, Frank Nivard. Later, he showed himself too strong to win. From the beginning of the last turn he went to the post very good horses. Gu de Haripra As this victory allows him to qualify for the last Sunday of January, he chooses his moment well to beat the first Group I of his life. “We’re going to go to the Brix de Amari with the first chance”, convincing Frank Nivard of his chance to return to victory in Group I (his last win at this level was on May 5, 2019). Falcao de Larma In Critérium des 4 Ans).

“I did not regret my sleepless night on Christmas Eve”

At the Brix Tenor de B une (Gr. II), the qualifier for the Brix de Amaric went Ferry WoodTo the delight of its driver and owner, Alexandre Abrew, he said, I was with my mother-in-law and I hit the road early in the morning to do the last job Ferry Wood And Cottage to Terror (3rd in Brix de Vincennes), 25th morning. “In a cloud, when returning to the locker room, the young driver shared his winner with his partner and son via video conference call. Meanwhile, he gave his records: “In the absence Face Time Bourbon, I think she has the right to win. Besides, everything went exactly right. On the way up, I felt with Jean-Michel Bazier Phyto Seven Because of the physics of the race, it’s going to bring me back. And then she was right. “

As for Marine’s plan, the trend for Qualif 6 on January 17 appears to be skewed, but it has not yet been fully determined. One thing is for sure, the two deserving players of the day will be on the last Sunday of January.

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