Alex Chop: Nicolas Maduro seeks immunity for Saab with a new position – Intelligence

Alex Chop: Nicolas Maduro seeks immunity for Saab with a new position - Intelligence

Attack of the Nicolas Maduro regime To free Alex Chapman from Barranquilla, Prisoner in Cape Verde, it’s not just the judiciary.

TIME installed it on December 26th Decided to promote him through the diplomatic ladder closed by international agreements and treaties, Includes a court order issued by the West African Court of Justice (EGOAs) ordering Cape Verde to be placed under house arrest.

Immunity to Chab

This is Saab’s defense statement declaring his immunity.

In 2010, Saab was another contractor for Venezuela. He later became the regime’s special envoy for food and medicine in the face of the epidemic.

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But TIME has now installed it He plays Venezuela’s permanent permanent representative to the African Union.

Appointment to Chab

This is the office where Saab is promoted to diplomatic status to provide immunity.

This information is also engraved in a new statement issued by one of his many lawyers (Ratchel Martha), which warns that the new position gives him immediate diplomatic immunity.

“Recognition is important for the African Union because of the position of the organization’s heads of state and other senior officials on immunity.” The attorney points out in the document that, in addition, he circumvents the legal support of the immune system, which, in his opinion, Chop now holds.

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“What is clear is that the EU considers the immunity of top officials to be taken seriously, so it is logical that the EU expects all its member states, including Cape Verde, to respect the international position of government representatives recognized by the organization. Among them is now Mr. Alex Chop, “adds the document.

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Since Saab has been in custody for six months in Cape Verde, what the rectum does not mention is whether the immune system will have reversible effects. After the United States demanded that he be captured and then extradited.

Alex Chop

Alex Chop is from Colombia and Venezuela.

EL TIEMPO approached the document appointing Venezuela Announces Cape Verde to Diplomatic News.

Now I knowCape Verde, who refused to grant him house arrest, hopes he will respond to this diplomatic move.

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