500 salariés se sont fait avoir par leur employeur.

The American company apologizes after trapping employees with fake Christmas bonuses

Kotadi actually conducted a computer security test.

An American company admitted on Thursday that it could have done better after cheating its employees by email, giving them a Christmas bonus in the midst of the economic crisis, which was actually a test for computer security. “We learned that some staff were upset by our phishing attempt and that it was horrible, and we apologized for that.AFP is the spokesperson for Kotadi, the world’s largest Internet domain name management company.

«While the test may reflect real efforts (computer attacks) that are happening nowadays, we need to develop greater empathy for our employees.The Arizona-based company added. About 500 employees announced a $ 650 Christmas bonus in an email sent by Kodadi in mid-December, asking them to fill out a form with some personal information.

«You have failed»

Two days later, a completely different message appeared in their inbox. “You are receiving this email because you failed our latest phishing testAccording to a local newspaper, Go, Kodadi’s security chief wrote to them Copper courier. The phishing technique is widely used by computer hackers, who act as known intermediaries and send emails with the aim of obtaining information that allows the intrusion of target computer systems.

The initiative sparked an uproar on social media as millions of Americans were severely affected by the economic crisis associated with the epidemic.

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