Innovative in-store technology is capable

Innovative in-store technology is capable

Retailers can attract more customers with innovative in-store technology. This is the most important result of the study ‘More visitors to my shop’ by Hojeskool von Amsterdam’s Store Innovation Lab.

The SIA RAAK SME survey began three years ago in order to test the added value of many innovative store technologies in practice. More visitors to my shop. In this project, researchers from the Store Innovation Lab looked Performance Among the four promising technologies: interactive screens in the shop window, location-specific messages, an AR screen and a mobile storage system through which customers can collect loyalty points using the app.

Of the four technologies tested, one mobile storage system proved to be particularly promising: the entertainment and personalization of the mobile loyalty app contributes significantly to the relationship with the store and the customer’s visitation intentions.

However, the use of innovative shop technology is often very careful. An interactive screen in the shop window turned out to attract extra attention, but passers-by must first be aware of the presence of the screen. The application, which warns regular customers of store ads with push-up messages, had one major drawback in practice: it turned out that the majority of the target group was not ready to install the new app on their mobile.

Whether a retailer actually brings more visitors with the technologies studied depends on the direct benefit to the customers. The use of AR, which provided passers-by with a 360-degree film view of the pastry cook’s kitchen, was found to significantly increase interest in cookies. Surprisingly, AR films had little impact on the purpose of going into the store. The interest or information needs of potential customers may already be satisfied outside the store.

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