Duop Deluxe revives American voice of the sixties with voice – Kimber

Performances canceled, rehearsals suspended: Understood, 2020 is a “Annas Haripillis” to the entertainment world. Peter “Biky” Butler, however, used the short summer sun to get out of the woods and record a disc in central Britain, which was recently found in the pins. Biker Butler joins Duap Deluxe, one of the groups he works for. We owe it to the concept of “four voices – one sound” to be the most British of the Guimber musicians, giving the album its title. For the event, Biker Butler summoned two people from Bristol, deported to Finister, namely Brian Cox (tenant), Richard Satin (Baridon) and an American, not forgetting Clark Eat (low voice) established in the area.

The voice leads

Four voices, one sound: the unit is based on one method, namely voice exercise, without the slightest tool! Singing is nothing more than singing: in other words, it opens the way for the voice to avoid shining pieces by seeking the light of production. In fact, all four friends are skillfully screaming at the outgoing pieces with plenty of pleasure and technique. Dove attracts definite values ​​and gold choruses to whistle in the deluxe shower or car. Lovers of the sixties will find something to evoke old memories. Others can think of the richness of American popular music from the Kennedy era.

Pleasant and nostalgic beaches

Among the credits were “Mr. Bossman” Johnny Simpal (1963, Cash Box n ° 17), “The Worried Baby” (popularized by The Beach Boys, PJ Thomas and The Tokens), and the fancy “Duke of Earl” by Jean Chandler (with white audience, 1962). In the Kettos), the famous duo Jerry Lieber-Mike Stoller (“Ruby Baby”) or the nasty “Blue” Three Pearls Moon “was popularized in 1961 by The Marseilles, the best-seller on both sides of the Atlantic.” I remember hearing that, “says Pike Butler. Cake’s Icing:” Four Voices – A Sound “releases a new version of the French language” When I was very young “where Pike humbly says his first steps in music:” These are the four voices – one sound “Swansong A proof in form? Not really.Bike Butler who has been on this show non-stop for 32 years If he wants to retire next March, he will no doubt get rid of what he values ​​more than anything. “I like m silence, but it never detracts from my pleasure in playing,” he says. “Happiness is as easy as a phone call,” said one popular ad. The same can be said of the soft and primitive tracks of “Four Voices – One Sound”.

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